Trade Services Group

Trade Services Group

The Coquest Trade Services Group (TSG) is a solutions-based provider established to handle brokerage needs for all futures & options market participants, from hedgers to speculators to investors, around a multi-Futures Commission Merchants model.
The Coquest Trade Services Group leverages relationships with multiple Futures Commission Merchants and Prime Brokers to provide a wide array of service to all its clients, including high net worth individuals, family offices, investment advisors, Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs), Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs), hedge funds, pension plans, endowment funds as well as large producers & consumers that participate in the futures markets.  

Tailored around the client’s requirements, the Coquest Trade Services Group provides access to the best services from various brokers and other service providers to deliver an all-inclusive solution through a single point of contact covering the full life-cycle of a trade, from execution to clearing & collateral management to reporting & managing risk.


  • Voice execution services are provided via an introduction to a third-party executing broker
  • Value-Add
    • Order-entry outlet setup and optimization for efficient trade execution and routing of orders
    • Client can select execution broker & venue based on needs
    • Electronic execution for speed of access or implementation of systematic strategies
    • Desk or floor order desk for complex orders that require handholding
    • Coquest TSG can help make introductions
    • Coquest actively monitors the give-up process to make sure all trades end up in the proper clearing account


  • Coquest partners with an array of Futures Commission Merchants to provide a complete clearing services offering
  • Value-Add
    • Clearing outlet setup, active involvement in troubleshooting errors and trade lifecycle monitoring
    • Coquest TSG monitors the clearing process to minimize trade breaks
    • Top-day reconciliation to minimize trade breaks
    • T+1 trade break resolution
    • Margin sweeps

Collateral Management

  • Listed derivatives clearing brings many challenges for the management of the collateral required to support trading operations.  Coquest brings deep expertise to insure this collateral is properly managed, therefore minimizing potential margin calls and costly financing charges
  • Value-Add
    • Proprietary systems used for monitoring and maintaining proper deposits at each clearing FCM
    • Coquest TSG operates margin sweeps to minimize risk and costly charges
    • To/from client’s bank from/to FCM to minimize FCM risk exposure while avoiding margin calls
    • To/from USD to foreign currencies to avoid foreign currency fluctuations and debit financing charges