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John Vassallo

John Vassallo 

Mr. Vassallo started in the futures industry in 1988 on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. He worked as a floor clerk for Rafferty Associates, a floor brokerage group in the energy sector. After learning the inner workings of the trading floor, Mr. Vassallo moved to the upstairs brokerage group, GPR, Inc. As an AP for GPR, Mr. Vassallo marketed energy-hedging programs, the firm’s technical trading program, and executed trades for existing clients. 
In 1990, Mr. Vassallo moved from New York to his home of Dallas, Texas, to start Coquest Inc. with Dennis Weinmann. Coquest was set up to work with oil and gas companies, and to participate in the managed futures arena. Coquest was successful in securing a number of large oil and gas hedging accounts, including the State of Texas Treasury Dept. 
Coquest Inc. has continued to grow and expand throughout the years, to address many of the changes in the futures industry and the oil and gas risk management business. In 1995 Coquest Energy Services was formed to broker physical and financial natural gas and electricity transactions via the Over the Counter, (“OTC”) markets. In 1999, Coquest Structured Products was founded to work with small to mid-sized oil and gas producers and end users to design their hedging programs. Along with these services, the Coquest family of companies has worked as a consultant and/or expert witness for various projects and customers. 
In 2009, Mr. Vassallo, and Coquest, purchase 50% of Mega Capital, a Dallas based Introducing Broker, specializing in managed futures. In 2013, John, and Coquest, completed the purchase of Mega Capital, and moved it under the Coquest entities. 
In 2013, Mr. Vassallo, and Coquest, completed an acquisition of various divisions of Altegris; a California based Introducing Broker specializing in managed futures. This addition greatly expanded the Coquest footprint in managed futures clearing, consulting, and allocation to Commodity Trading Advisors. 
Mr. Vassallo served on the National Futures Association Board of Director for 10 years, and continues to be very involved in the regulation of the futures industry.
He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Kathy and their two children, John (16) and Bridgette (16).