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Dennis Weinmann

Dennis Weinmann

Dennis Weinmann started his futures industry career in 1985 on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange with Rafferty Associates. During his late college years, he continued to do so during the summers. After graduation, he began working with GPR, Inc. in 1987 where he later met John Vassallo.
After moving to Dallas in September of 1990, Mr. Weinmann started Coquest, Inc. with John Vassallo.
Since founding Coquest, he has been registered as an Associated Person and Principal of Coquest since December 1990. 
In 1995 Coquest Energy Services was formed to broker physical and financial natural gas and electricity transactions via the Over the Counter, (“OTC”) markets. With Mr. Weinmann leading this division of Coquest and utilizing various platforms, Coquest became very successful and well known in the commodity markets.
Along with Coquest, Coquest Energy and Coquest Structured Products, Mr. Weinmann was an Associated Person of Bishop Enderby Corporation, a CTA, CPO and IB with Bishop Enderby from May 1991 to October 1995. He was also the CEO and Secretary of ArcFutures Inc. and an Associated Person and Principal of ArcFutures from June 2000 until April 2010. Also involved in Toro Asset Management Inc., he was the Vice President and an Associated Person and Principal of Toro Asset Management from May 1994 until May 2010. 
Beginning in 2014, Coquest started a CTA program, Buttonwood Investments, LLC, led by Mr. Weinmann. This invest platform, an energy diversified discretionary program that looks for opportunities in the energy markets using spread arbitrage and directional trading strategies, is a strategy Mr. Weinmann has employed since 2008. Utilizing this growth methodology, Buttonwood is currently at $35 million AUM.
He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with wife Tracy and their three children, Rachel, Collin and Ruthie.